ABCMint Foundation


    ABCMintCore is a community-driven free software project, released under GPL V3 license.

    To test, verify and develop quantum-resistant blockchain technology, the ABCMint foundation is delegated as an administrator for the ABCMintCore software.

    By running this software, you participate in creating Advanced Binary Currency.

    Please carefully read the two documents below before downloading. By clicking the "Agree" button below, you agree to follow the terms and conditions in these two documents:


    (2) TERMS OF USE

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    On August 12, 2019, the full version of the softwares including both versions for a single GPU mining and for multiple GPU miner were released in GitHub.

     To get the compiled version for the single GPU mining, please click the "Agree" button above.

     To use the multiple GPU mining version, one must compile the softwares and the instruction can be found in the doc folder. But due to different versions of GPUs, additional adjustments may be needed.


    The software manual can be found at

    The source code is available on github:

    The wiki page:


    A faster mining program using GPU is contributed by Ruben Niederhagen, miners can integrate it into abcmint core. The source code is available below.